Don't drop that Dell 3300 Chromebook! Before trying out our newest DropTech case.

We’ve all experienced that moment. The moment of panic as you watch your laptop embark on that treacherous descent from your hands to the floor. Humans are imperfect creatures and, as such, drops are bound to happen. Fortunately, here at Gumdrop, we have made it our life’s mission to prevent your stomach from doing any unnecessary acrobatics in such moments as these.

We have partnered with Dell to create our DropTech Case for the Dell 3300 13” Chromebook. This case employs a combination of thick silicone bumper skin and rigid polycarbonate casing that makes it shock-resistant and drop-safe up to 4 feet. The lightweight, 2-piece construction makes installation a cinch and allows for easy asset management while preventing sliding on desks and countertops.

Whether you have a fleet of Dell 3300 Chromebooks to protect or are looking for your own personal device, we have you covered. Don’t want to take our word for it? Head over to and check out any of our 1,800+ verified reviews. Or you can watch any number of our Drop Test videos where you can see our technology in action.

Planning on deploying multiple devices? Request a sample here and get started today!

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