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"Students thought it would be funny to hide another student's chromebook, so they hid it ...in a bucket...under the desk. Didn't realize that the bucket was full of water until it was too late!!"

- Chris Parker

"This story is about my little bitty kiddos: I walked into the first grade class and found a student trying to reach for something on a shelf by using a small stack of iPads to help reach the item."

- Rebecca Martinez

"I had a student who left their device on the Tennis courts. By the time he realized it was sitting against the fence, the gates were locked and it was stuck until Monday (2 days). He did get it, Monday morning. Little bit of frost on the case, but it was fine."

- Cynthia Peters

"In our district we had one to one iPads. One day, coming to school, we had a student leave their iPad on the top of their car. The iPad stayed on the top of the car the whole ride until they got to the school when it fell off. When the next car came to drop off their student, it ran over the iPad. To our surprise, the iPad and the case both survived the car driving over them. Thanks to Gumdrop cases, we have never worried again."

- Kaitlyn Owens

"We've had a few that have been driven over. They never seem to notice when the iPad has fallen out of a backpack, but they notice when their parent drives over it."

- Joanna Watson

Here at Gumdrop, we know that kids aren't necessarily the most responsible creatures on the planet. Especially when it comes to really expensive technology. However, the educational landscape is changing and these devices are becoming more and more important to our kids' education. That's why we strive to make cases that protect your devices, even in these crazy scenarios.

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