DropTech protection for your students' HP ProBook x360 11in EE G3 Laptops

Gumdrop's DropTech Series is designed to live up to its name. Our cases are specifically built to provide the best protection for your tech in case of drops. As one of the leading case providers in the K-12 education market, we know all too well that your students are hard on their devices. That's why we make sure to build cases that stand up to the challenge. 

This DropTech case was designed for the HP ProBook x360 11" EE G3. It is a shock-resistant combination of TPU and PC materials that is drop-tested to protect your students' HP ProBooks from drops up to 4 feet. The reinforced air-cell corners are part of what make this feat possible. They use a unique internal structure that act as little airbags for your device, absorbing the impact when the laptop is dropped. 

The case also features a transparent top and bottom which make it easy to see and use asset tags, barcodes, school logos, stickers, and more! The lightweight, 2-piece construction that can be installed and ready to go in under 20 seconds!

This case is custom molded to fit your HP ProBook x360 11" EE G3 laptops perfectly. If you're planning on deploying these laptops in your school, your devices are going to need that extra layer of protection once your students get their hands on them. Request a sample today!


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