Hand Strap Cases for iPads and Tablets

Gumdrop cases are incredibly easy to grip but there are times when you require a hand strap to make sure your device isn’t going anywhere.

Gumdrop's new hand strap is a great fit for iPads and tablets, providing a comfortable, ergonomic way to strap your device to your hand. Easily switch between right and left hands (full ambidextrous support), and adjust the flexible hand strap to fit securely on the hand holding the device.

iPad case with hand strap
Flexible hand strap case for iPads or tablets

How does it attach?

It depends on the case!

For any of our DropTech Clear cases, the hand strap glues directly to the transparent back of the case.

For all other cases, the hand strap attaches to the iPad or tablet using a double click velcro ring with adhesive back that is glued onto the tablet through a hole in the case. The corresponding double click velcro is connected to the hand strap.

Hand Strap Install Video

Attaching a hand strap to a Gumdrop Cases is incredibly easy. Watch our video to see how to install the hand strap on one of our DropTech Clear cases.

Hand Strap Compatible Cases