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<h2 class="top_header">Careers</h2>
<p class="sub_header">Do you want to help ruggedized the world we live in? Apply by sending your resume to <span><a href="mailto:jobs@gumdropcases.com">jobs@gumdropcases.com</a>.</span><br /> Gumdrop Cases - Live Tough! Stay Protected.</p>
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<h2 class="inner_header">Work in our amazing new office located in Jack London Square!</h2>
<p class="inner_subheader">Available Positions</p>
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<li><span style="color: #33cccc;">Fulfillment Manager</span></li>
<li><span style="color: #33cccc;">Sr. Product / Industrial Designer</span></li>
<li><span style="color: #33cccc;">Channel Sales Manager - Retail</span></li>
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<h3 class="job_title"><span style="color: #33cccc;">Fulfillment Manager</span></h3>
<p align="left">We are looking for an experienced Fulfillment Manager. Reporting to the Director of Fulfillment, this position is responsible for managing the department operations such as: order management, inventory analysis, and customer support. The Fulfillment Manager is also responsible for the successful of fulfillment activities at our 3<sup>rd</sup> party warehouse.</p>
<h4 class="job_sub_title">Job Description</h4>
<p align="left"> You are good for this position if you can answer the questions below with a YES.</p>
<li>Are you a multi-task oriented?</li>
<li>Are you able to manage hundreds of SKUS?</li>
<li>Are you a pro in Excel and reporting?</li>
<li>Are you able to provide a customer service experience as the one your favorite online store provides?</li>
<p align="left">If you answered the questions above with a YES, please send us your resume to be reviewed by our Fulfillment Team. Here are the responsibilities that this position entitles:</p>
<li>Act as a primary point of contact and support when relating to fulfillment/shipment of goods</li>
<li>Manage all day-to-day fulfillment and shipping operations with 3<sup>rd</sup> party warehouses to coordinate and optimize shipments of samples, customer orders and event materials</li>
<li>Be able to manage the order processing cycle from all existing Sales Channels to QuickBooks</li>
<li>Responsible for the on-time delivery of customer orders in order to avoid compliance chargebacks</li>
<li>Maintain an internal inventory system for products and supplies used for all shipments</li>
<li>Work closely with Fulfillment Director on strategizing operations efficiency and inventory control</li>
<li>Prepare monthly planning reports according to published timelines: replenishment, allocation overrides, order line fill rate and other Supply Chain metric reports</li>
<li>Collaborate with Fulfillment Director to meet established business goals. Interact with local supply chain practices, manufacturing, quality control, warehouse, logistics and customer service to enable on-time delivery of finished goods</li>
<li>Be able to manage the inventory levels needed in order to provide a great order processing cycle and therefore a great customer service experience</li>
<li>Hands on customer support by supporting the customer service team in every level needed</li>
<li>Identify and resolve excess, slow move and obsolete inventory issues.</li>
<li>Immediately troubleshoot, resolve, and follow through on problems </li>
<h4 class="job_sub_title">Experience Required</h4>
<li>Team player</li>
<li>Detail oriented</li>
<li>Like/Love Excel</li>
<li>A Leader, yet you are able to help on any other area of the department if help is needed</li>
<li>Knowledgeable on EDI is a PLUS</li>
<li>2-3 years of experience in the supply chain or related matter and I have a solid technical understanding of the web (No coding. No HTML needed)</li>
<li>Willing to build a long-term relationship with the customer and company (not a “job-hopper”)</li>
<p align="left">We are excited to hear from you and excited tell you more about us!</p>
<p align="left">This is an hourly full-time position. Rate is $20 per hour based on experience, plus health benefits, sick and vacation days after first 3 month performance review.</p>
<h4 class="job_sub_title">Perks</h4>
<li>401K Plans</li>
<li>Health Insurance</li>
<li>Occasional lunches, drinks, snacks and fun stuff</li>
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<h3 class="job_title"> </h3>
<h3 class="job_title"><span style="color: #33cccc;">Sr. Product / Industrial Designer</span></h3>
<h4 class="job_sub_title">Job Description</h4>
<p class="job_description">We are seeking a top tier candidate to take on the responsibilities of a Senior Industrial Designer. This position will be responsible for creating and defining product designs from concept to completion. It will be this positions’ responsibility to innovate concepts, develop designs, preserve design intent, and iteratively refine designs with craft, care, and speed. <br /><br /> The design team will maintain and evolve the product design language and develop new products and concepts to expand the product portfolio. The ideal candidate must be passionate about the brand and care deeply about creating the best user experience possible. The ability to be a team player, communicate effectively and adapt quickly to a changing environment is essential to being successful.</p>
<h4 class="job_sub_title">Responsibilities</h4>
<li>- Create, iterate, and refine product designs to meet core objectives.</li>
<li>- Test designs through web surveys and focus groups</li>
<li>- Develop designs into bid packages and source the best possible factory to produce</li>
<li>- Manage the development process from cradle to grave.</li>
<h4 class="job_sub_title">Experience Required</h4>
<li>- 4 year college degree in Industrial Design</li>
<li>- Proficient user of 3D surface modeling software (solid works, pro-e.)</li>
<li>- Proficient user of basic 2D tools (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.)</li>
<li>- 6+ years of experience with consumer product design and development</li>
<li>- Strong 2D/3D ability to communicate visually through sketches, models and rendered illustrations</li>
<li>- Strong ability to quickly translate ideas and sketches into 3D prints and ID prototypes</li>
<li>- Experience with component architecture, placement and packaging</li>
<li>- A proven track record of leading and working cooperatively with product development and manufacturing teams</li>
<li>- Strong understanding of manufacturing methods, processes, materials and constraints</li>
<li>- Positive attitude, willingness to work hard, play hard, and truly love what you do</li>
<li>- Able to travel 15-20%, domestically and internationally</li>
<div class="apply_job">
<p>Interested in this job?    <a href="mailto:support@gumdropcases.com?subject=Interested%20in%20Sr.%20Product/Industrial%20Designer%20Position">Email Us</a></p>
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<h3 class="job_title"><span style="color: #33cccc;">Channel Sales Manager</span></h3>
<h4 class="job_sub_title">Job Description</h4>
<p class="job_description">Senior Sales Channel Manager works to increase revenues by engaging with new Channel partners and achieve high satisfaction, retention and the introduction of new products with existing customers. Additionally, the Senior Channel Sales Manager will own the sales order process for both new and existing customers.</p>
<h4 class="job_sub_title">Responsibilities</h4>
<li>- Increase the sales into new customers and distributors as required.</li>
<li>- Maintain communications with accounts, typically regarding order confirmation, order status and tracking information.</li>
<li>- Provide continuous Channel feedback to management and other pertinent areas</li>
<li>- Streamline existing processes to generate and distribute ad hoc reporting.</li>
<li>- Analysis of sales order data and reports related to transactions.</li>
<li>- Work with the appropriate parties to set up and maintain distributors, end customers, products, and pricing.</li>
<li>- Verification of PO data, estimated ship and delivery dates.</li>
<li>- Manage and resolve inquiries relating to order status, inventory shortages, partial shipments, and POD’s.</li>
<li>- Maintain a sales funnel in the company CRM.</li>
<li>- Travel accordingly to solidify relationships and make new ones.</li>
<li>- Ability to articulate each product’s advantages and those of the competition.</li>
<h4 class="job_sub_title">Experience Required</h4>
<li>- Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Marketing, or related discipline.</li>
<li>- Solid relationships and contacts with national and regional retail buyers.</li>
<li>- Use of Salesforce.com and ERP/Netsuite systems.</li>
<li>- Exposure to revenue generating activities in the Consumer Electronics or Fashion industry.</li>
<li>- Working in a fast-paced environment, preferably in a Start-up culture.</li>
<li>- Interacting with Supply Chain, Operations and Finance departments.</li>
<li>- 4-8 years experience.</li>
<li>- Extensive use of productivity tools (spreadsheets, presentation software).</li>
<div class="apply_job">
<p>Interested in this job?    <a href="mailto:support@gumdropcases.com?subject=Interested%20in%20Channel%20Sales%20Manager%20Position"><span style="color: #33cccc;">Email Us</span></a></p>
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