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DropTech cases meet all U.S. military standards for durability. Which makes them
effectively Tumbleproof, Goofproof, and ultimately KidProof.

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Internal Air Pockets icon

Internal Air

for extreme drop

New Internal Shock Ribs icon

New Internal
Shock Ribs

cushioning the device
inside the case

Laptop with DropTech case
Raised Bumper Corners icon

Raised Bumper

to absorb impact away
from the screen

Custom Fit icon

Custom Fit

to your specific

DropTech Covers all
Major Device Manufacturers


Cushion the blow with
droptech cases

New internal air pockets and refined air cell corners allow for flexibility to absorb the impact
force in a drop. Cushioning the blow, so your
device is safe and protected.


All new DropTech cases are outfitted with an
improved modular accessory attachment
feature. Keping your stylus pens and other
accessories easily accessible and in plain sight.

A Custom fit

With thousands of products to choose from,
finding an adaptable technology strategy is key, as
not all devices fit all school scenarios. Gumdrop
partners with leading device manufacturers early
on, to anticipate the needs of our customers. So as
soon as a school or district determines their
technology direction, Gumdrop is ready with the
right protection for their needs.

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