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An Ounce of Prevention

Keep your providers connected and their devices protected with military-grade cases
for any laptop or tablet. Gumdrop gives you 360° protection against breakage and loss of
crucial medical data. So your patients and your devices can lead long, productive lives.
This is one ounce of prevention that could save a ton of aggravation and money.


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Antimicrobial options

Most cases can be ordered in a premium, silver-infused compound
that disrupts bacterial DNA and keeps surfaces cleaner and safer. A
big plus in any healthcare environment.

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Custom Fit

Gumdrop cases are engineered to the device, so they fit like a
surgical glove. They’re also tailored to more than 70 of the most
popular devices in healthcare.

Three Lines of Defense

We offer three lines of drop-tested cases that cover the full spectrum
of severity. For light use or heavy abuse, patient rooms or emergency
rooms, DropTech can outfit your entire system. precisely and

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