DropTech Samsung Tab A 10.1 Case with Hand Strap



DropTech Samsung Tab A 10.1 Case with Hand Strap


Device Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1


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Key Features

  • Features all the security and protection of the standard Drop Tech case with a matching rugged hand strap
  • Allows for complete 360 degree rotation
  • Strap adjusts to different hand sizes and is molded to ergonomically fit the inside and outside of your hand
  • Versatile and removable holder is ideal for business, field and mobile use

Samsung Tab A 10.1 case with hand strap

What is it?

Gumdrop's new Hand Strap + Rugged Case is a great solution for anyone seeking ergonomic hand held device interaction with the Samsung Tab A 10.1. An ambidextrous design allows for versatile use between right and left handed users, while a silicone strap provides secure adjustability and comfort for any user. The holder is completely removable.

Why is this handstrap better than the competition?

It is made from Rip Proof silicone it has an ergonomically designed dome shape that follows the natural resting position of the hand and will fight hand fatigue over time.

How does it attach?

The hand strap attached directly to the tablet device through a hole in the durable case. A double click velcro ring with adhesive back that is glued onto the tablet. The corresponding double click velcro is connected to the hand strap. 


Installation Time

Normal Speed

Usually it takes around 1 minute 30 seconds for first-time installation.

Optimized Speed

At expert level, the total installation speed will be cut down to just 7 seconds.

Customer Reviews

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Case 10 instructions 2

The case itself is great seems solid. The screen protector that is built-in sticks to the screen extremely well. I had previously bought a $15 vase and any time you tried to touch the screen it would bounce and randomly make the screen flicker.
This one does none of that and works great. The power and volume buttons work perfect without any glitches.
In some of the other reviews people complained about the home button not having a raised part of the screen protector, but that makes absolutely no sense because this is NOT a water proof/ resistant case. If the screen protector had a raised section for the home button it would most likely created issues like my previous case had. I'm am greatful that the button has a cut out section.
As for the charging/ USB and volume ports the covers work perfect as well. You can plug in USB or head phone cord and not feel as if there is any pressure from the cover pushing on the cords.
I rarely drop any device and I have unfortunately drop my tablet already, but fortunately this case protected my tablet from the concrete it hit.
Even though I have only had the case for a couple of weeks I am completely pleased with it so far.

As far as the instructions pictures are nice but it does not explain what to do very well at all. You need to pull off the second half of the tough Velcro circle that is physically stuck to the tablet itself. It simply says push it on the device then push the handle until it makes an audible sound. Not very clear if you ask me. When you look at the circle piece of Velcro it does not seem to be two pieces.
Hopefully this helps future purchases.
Ultimately I still give this case 10 of 10. I can't in all honesty give such a good case a bad rating for instructions are bad. Most instructions are not written very well so I guess this could be considered normal