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DropTech for Samsung Tab A 10.1-inch with Hand Strap

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Device Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1
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Samsung Tab A 10.1 case with hand strap

What is it?

Gumdrop's new Hand Strap + Rugged Case is a great solution for anyone seeking ergonomic hand held device interaction with the Samsung Tab A 10.1. An ambidextrous design allows for versatile use between right and left handed users, while a silicone strap provides secure adjustability and comfort for any user. The holder is completely removable.

Why is this handstrap better than the competition?

It is made from Rip Proof silicone it has an ergonomically designed dome shape that follows the natural resting position of the hand and will fight hand fatigue over time.

How does it attach?

The hand strap attached directly to the tablet device through a hole in the durable case. A double click velcro ring with adhesive back that is glued onto the tablet. The corresponding double click velcro is connected to the hand strap.

Key Features

Installation Time

Normal Speed - Usually it takes around 30 seconds for first-time installation.

Optimized Speed - At expert level, the total installation speed will be cut down to just 10 seconds.

Installation instruction will soon be available.

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