DropTech iPad Air 2 Case



DropTech iPad Air 2 Case


Device Compatibility: iPad Air 2 (Models: A1566, A1567)


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Key Features

  • Passed Military Specifications Drop Test! Certified MIL-STD-810G compliant. 26 drops from 4 feet.
  • Complete protection for the iPad Air 2, including screen and port covers
  • Rigid internal frame protects against drops. (tested from 6' on flat concrete) and an outer silicone skin that absorbs shock and vibration
  • Integrated and replaceable screen shield prevents scratches
  • Full access to touch ID technology
  • Hand Strap Compatible

DropTech iPad Air 2 Case

If you're looking for the most rugged protection available for the iPad Air 2, you've found it in the durable DropTech collection from Gumdrop Cases. The rugged silicone cover combined with the rigid inner frame is quickly making DropTech cases the go-to solution for protection at home, work or school environments. 

Shock absorption, drop protection, extreme ruggedness and hard-core readiness for all adventures, the DropTech iPad Air case specifically conforms to the shape of the iPad Air and offers multiple layers of protection. This case also features a unique, snap-on integrated screen for maximum protection.

Installation Time

Normal Speed

Usually it takes around 1 minute 30 seconds for first-time installation.

Optimized Speed

At expert level, the total installation speed will be cut down to just 7 seconds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amazon.com customer review

“This was my first Amazon purchase. I am thrilled with this case!! We purchased a new iPad for our child and needed something durable, but not clunky. We have purchased the Griffin Survivor cases in the past and they were the best out of the many others we tried. We saw the Gumdrop cases at our child's school and were impressed so we wanted to get one for this iPad. BestBuy would have to have special ordered it and direct from Gumdrop it was $69.99 plus shipping. So, I took a spin on amazon and shopped around to see what deals could be had. A bingo I found one! If I was willing to be less selective about the color I could save more than a few bucks AND have it shipped for free. Turns out this was the color we wanted, so it was an extra win. Plus, I was shopping online late Saturday night and had the case in my hands by Monday afternoon, again for FREE. Would definitely buy again! Gave a teacher a gift card so that she could buy a new iPad case for herself at the end of Summer school. Wish I had seen this first because I would have just bought her this and she would have gotten a much better case and I would have saved money on the gift cards. Now I know!!!”

Amazon.com customer review

“It is essentially designed like an otterbox with a hard plastic interior and soft rubber exterior wrapping and seamlessly clipping into it. Like with an otterbox it has the plastic film screen protector built in and yes it does affect clarity. The solution it to peel this film off (very easy as it looks like they use a double sided tape to attach) and replace it with Tempered Glass. With this case on it is significantly smaller than when the otterbox is attached, though I don't feel like I am compromising protection. Only con is that even with the grooved pattern the rubber they use is smooth and kind of slippery. They should have textured to enhance traction.”

Amazon.com customer review

“If you compare all the expensive cases out there that claim to protect your devices, Gumdrop is a brand that delivers that and more at a fair price. I have used Otterbox before and now feel as if I paid more than I should for a product which is inferior to this brand.

Why would I recommend this?

1. The case is built in a way where it is tardy and would't easily slip from your hand. It is rugged and yet feels comfortable in your hands.
2. The inbuilt screen protector which can be easily replaced. I always struggle to use the regular screen protector. Somehow I always have those air bubbles. The protector in itself is embedded with the upper half of your case and it sits snugly on to your screen. Zero hassle.
3. Price, price and price. I haven't found a product which does both #1 & #2 at the price they are being sold.

I am a convert and am sticking to this brand for all future purchases.”

Amazon.com customer review

“Seems to be a great case, it is easy to install, the front cover snaps onto the iPad and the silicon case wraps around it afterwards. It feels small and light, which that is why you want the iPad Air 2. So much happier with this case and looking at this brand for phones and other older iPad case in the future.”

Love these cases

These are the BEST cases ever! My two daughters have had iPads since they were around 7 yrs old & they are now 15 yrs old & they’ve never had a scratch on their iPads. Currently on their Second ones & we only buy these cases, no other they don’t even ask for any other kind. My hubby & I have them on ours as well! Great product!