Hideaway iPad Air 2 Case



Hideaway iPad Air 2 Case


Device Compatibility: iPad Air 2 (Models: A1566, A1567)


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Key Features

  • Built in stand held in place with magnetic snaps
  • Complete protection for the iPad Air 2, including screen and port covers
  • Rigid internal frame protects against drops. (tested from 6' on flat concrete)
  • Integrated and replaceable screen shield prevents scratches
  • Full access to touch ID technology
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Hideaway iPad Air 2 Case

Complete protection for your iPad Air 2!

If you're looking for heavy duty protection for the iPad Air 2, you've found it in the durable Hideaway collection from Gumdrop Cases. The Hideaway iPad Air 2 case features a proven rugged design with a disappearing built-in stand. The stand ingeniously hides away into the easy grip rubber pattern, and can easily be engaged with a simple flip and click. The magnetized stand holds fast to the iPad to keep it securely locked in place when not in use.

The case features a silicone cover with tire tread design, wrapping a rigid plastic inner frame to fasten snuggly to the iPad Air 2. The case also features a protective screen cover to stop spills, splashes, dust and dirt from damaging or scratching the iPad face. Even with all of this protection, you still have full access to the iPad?s ports, switches and buttons!

Gumdrop cases have been rigorously tested and can survive repeated 6-foot falls on concrete or tile!

Fits: Apple iPad Air 2

Installation Time

Normal Speed

Usually it takes around 1 minute 30 seconds for first-time installation.

Optimized Speed

At expert level, the total installation speed will be cut down to just 7 seconds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
m. customer review

“This case is the real deal. We got an ipad air 2 for Christmas and we have an 8 yr old son who does homework and plays a few games on it. I wanted something very durable, and we got it. Perfectly snug fit, thick rubber back and edges, cool ‘tread’ design, durable clear plastic screen protector. I would highly recommend this case to everyone."

B. customer review

“I'm one of these guys that had the iPad 2 as my first pad and threw it around for yrs. Well it finally broke. I first saw these when my Sons ISD gives out iPads to kids in elementary on up and These protectors or similar and are indestructible and locked on their pads. These could be mil spec with a few up grades. It seems durable so far except the plastic brace that holds the pad in place. The kick stands are unique and use magnets and what seems to be a tougher plastic. The screen protector is my con, it's garbage! I read one review on here and the guy cut it out, I think I'll do the same. It gets dirty and makes the brilliance of the iPad Air 2 away. It's bulky, rubbery but it helps u grip it easier. I've found myself tossing my pad around now bc it's got an […] of rubber around it. I'd recommend and buy again.”

L. customer review

“This is the highest quality case I have ever purchased for an IPad...The manufacturing tolerances are amazing...When installed on the IPad, you cannot tell that it is a case...It appears to be a part of the tablet...The built in stand allows the tablet to lean at a good angle for viewing or typing...I did have a problem with the initial shipment, as a small magnet that holds the stand closed was missing...I contacted Customer Support and they immediately sent me a replacement stand which solved the problem...One caution: As with any case of this type, be very careful using any liquid cleaner on the screen protector...I tried cleaning it with a spray and some of the liquid got under the screen protector (it entered around the opening for the "Home" button) necessitating removal of the case to dry the liquid...My fault entirely and not a defect of the case...I recommend this case without reservation!”

A.R. customer review

“I was looking for something to help protect my air and be able to fit over my Zagg glass shield. The expert at Zagg said there wasn't anything that would fit over it, which I think is weird - why sell something that prevents people from getting cases for it?!!! Right?!! Anyway, I read someone else's review that said this case fits over the shield they had - different brand, but same idea. Yes! It does fit! I actually like the feel of this case - it's not comfortable like leather but you really feel like you have a handle on your iPad. It's a soft rubbery feel. I haven't dropped it or anything, but it has a sturdy rubbery edge that sticks above the glass maybe a 1/4 inch? - much more than my otter box defender does on my iPhone and I've dropped that thing way too many times without any problems! It doesn't cover the glass but I carry my iPad in a bag so I really didn't want/need that. I'm happy with this purchase. I feel like this and the Zagg shield are good investments. I have coverage for it but I work with children so... enough said, right?”

F. customer review

“It's a decent case for the price. In my opinion, its worth the 29.99-- not the retail listed price. I got it for my two year old nephew's new iPad. Nephew likes to throw fits and throw things off his high chair. With all that said-- it's been chucked a few times and the iPad is still in one piece. The case, on the other hand, has already started falling apart after only 2 weeks of toddler handing/abuse. The rubber part has detached from the case in a few places.

I think the protective screen cover feels "cheap" rendering the screen to be a bit less responsive than if there was no cover. BUT, i found the protective screen cover to be ideal in the hands of a 2 year old... not so much adults who may care about how the picture looks, etc.

For adults, i definitely prefer Apple's cases...I've had a leather one in brown and its just PERFECT. If you're trying to really protect the iPad, this case is kinda ideal. I'd rather replace a $29.99 case than an iPad screen or iPad any day!!!”