Hideaway iPad 9.7 Case (5th & 6th Gen)



Hideaway iPad 9.7 Case (5th & 6th Gen)


Device Compatibility: iPad 9.7 (5th and 6th Gen) (Models: A1822, A1823, A1893, A1954)


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Key Features

  • Built-in stand held in place with magnetic snaps
  • Complete protection for the 9.7" iPad (5th & 6th Gen), including screen and port covers
  • Rigid internal frame protects against repeated drops
  • Integrated and replaceable screen shield prevents scratches
  • Full access to touch ID technology
  • Excellent drop protection!

Hideaway iPad 9.7 Case (Compatible with 5th and 6th Gen)

Complete protection for your new iPad 9.7!

If you're looking for heavy-duty protection for Apple's new iPad, you've found it in the rugged Hideaway case. The Hideaway iPad case features a shockproof, heavy duty tread design with a disappearing built-in stand. The stand ingeniously hides away into the easy-grip rubber pattern, and can easily be engaged with a simple flip and click. The magnetized stand holds fast to the iPad to keep it securely locked in place when not in use.

The case features a silicone cover with tire tread design, wrapping a rigid plastic inner frame to fasten snuggly to the new 9.7" iPad. The case also features a protective screen cover to stop spills, splashes, dust, and dirt from damaging or scratching the iPad face. Even with all of this protection, you still have full access to the iPad's ports, switches and buttons!

Gumdrop cases have been rigorously tested and can survive repeated 6-foot falls on concrete or tile!

Fits: Apple iPad 9.7 (5th and 6th Generation)

Installation Time

Normal Speed

Usually it takes around 1 minute 30 seconds for first-time installation.

Optimized Speed

At expert level, the total installation speed will be cut down to just 7 seconds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

Great fit!

Great product

It’s the only case I will ever buy

L. customer review

“We wanted a fairly rugged and grippy case for our 5-year old. We limit her use of the iPad, so it has not been dropped or abused since we got the case, but I think the case would provide at least moderate protection. I really like the grippiness of the case and the foldable stand in the back. It was exactly what we were looking for”

H. customer review

“Purchased this for an iPad used in an industrial shop, dirty & gets a lot of abuse. This is the 2nd one we've purchased (upgraded iPads) and I'd recommend this to anyone looking to protect their iPad. Probably would be great for someone that lets their kids use it as well.”

G. customer review

“I bought three Gumdrop cases for Ipads about four years ago for my three grandchildren living in a small village in Africa on the edge of the Sahara where temperatures often exceed 120 degrees. My son-in-law just emailed and said it is 117 degrees and the hot season hasn't started yet. Sand and dust everywhere. Grandkids are now 8-12 years of age but when I first bought the cases about 4-8. Not once has there been a problem with the them. Gumdrop cases and Ipads still work fine. I bought a new Ipad for them recently and of course I bought this most recent Gumdrop case. It's in my suitcase now as I prepare to go there in a month. At first glance they seem expensive but from my experience they are essential. I have never posted a review before but felt compelled to do so considering they have held up so well under extreme conditions.”