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FoamTech Case for iPad Mini 4 and Mini 5

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Device Compatibility: Apple iPad Mini 4 and Mini 5 (Models: A1538, A1550, A2133, A2124, A2126, A2125)

FoamTech iPad Mini Case

Fits: iPad Mini 4 and Mini 5

This handy new case is perfect to protect your iPad Mini from drops, bumps and other accidental mishaps. It's lightweight, made of durable foam and features an easy grip handle that doubles as a stand when you swing it into position. The new FoamTech case is a great addition to any tablet in the slippery hands of kids, and keeps parents from worrying about the crazy cost of repairing broken screens, or the even higher cost of replacing the entire iPad because a drop caused internal damage to the battery or other critical working parts.

Even with all this protection, FoamTech allows access to all ports and buttons, as well as the camera and speakers. Protect your tech and take one worry off your plate with the FoamTech case from Gumdrop Cases.

Key Features

Installation Time

Normal Speed - Usually it takes around 30 seconds for first-time installation.

Optimized Speed - At expert level, the total installation speed will be cut down to just 10 seconds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
This is my 2nd Gum Drop case. My 1st one was for a full size iPad, which has been dropped on our ...

I haven’t dropped it yet so I can’t report on how it will hold up over time, although it seems as sturdy as the one on my other iPad.

Perfect ....

perfect for the kids... the stand is SOOOO Helpful. No more ketchup bottles and glass cases.

Good case for kids

This case appears to be a good one for kids. We got it to replace a damaged case on our 8 year old daughters pad. This one looks like the corners and sides could take much more abuse than the other. Thick and cushiony. The handle folds to make a stand that works quite well and she seems to be pretty happy with it. The case overall is fairly thick and may not appeal to an adult but for kids i would recommend it

Great Case!

I love Gumdrop cases for my grandchildren's I-Pad Mini's. They can really take a beating and keep the I-Pad safe. The edges are reinforced; the entire frame is covered, and the screen is protected by being recessed into the case. All of the younger boys have the cases and no I-Pads have been damaged (thank goodness)! The handle even serves as a stand. I would recommend them to anyone.

Love Gumdrop case!

I bought gumdrop case for my 8 year old son and the case is amazing it protects his iPad and it so easy for him to carry. He takes it everywhere !!!

Installation instruction will soon be available.

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