Hideaway iPad Pro 10.5 Case



Hideaway iPad Pro 10.5 Case



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Key Features

  • Durable protection for the iPad Pro 10.5, including screen and port covers
  • Reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners prevent dings and scratches
  • Impact resistant, dual-layer silicone/ABS construction
  • Full access to touch ID technology
  • Removable stylus holder, and built-in stand
  • Heavy duty iPad Pro 10.5 case!

Designed for: iPad Pro 10.5 (Models: A1701, A1709)

Hideaway iPad Pro 10.5 Case

The best drop protection for the iPad Pro 10.5 is here! Gumdrop's new Hideaway case offers multiple layers of custom molded, shock absorbing material to keep your Tablet securely protected.

All ports and controls are openly accessible, allowing for hassle-free functionality for all the features of your tablet.

  • HEAVY DUTY CASE FOR IPAD PRO 10.5: The Hideaway case remains tough as nails, able to take repeated drops without breaking a sweat.
  • PERFECT FOR WORK OR SCHOOL ENVIRONMENTS: The built-in display stand allows you to keep your iPad at the most convenient angle for typing and viewing modes
  • KEEP YOUR IPAD LOOKING LIKE NEW: Keep your warranty intact! Dings, dents and cracks from daily abuse are prevented by the always-on thick bumper skin.
iPad Pro 10.5 case

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fantastic Case

A great case. Durable, heavy duty...a kickstand! It protects your iPad like a tank. Adds some weight and bulk to the unit, though.

Hideaway iPad Pro 10.5 Case

Fits like a glove. I feel like my table is protected out on the work floor.

Perfect Fit w Pencil

Love it. Had gumdrop case with my previous iPad 3. Loved the durability but the screen protector eventually looked horrible. Glad this one now has replaceable screen protector.

Perfect case for the iPad Pro 10.5 inch

This case, for me, is the best iPad case on the market - by far.

The device fits perfectly, and the feel is a nice balance of textured but not too grippy. It’s a robust, but not bulky, protection for my device. So I don’t need to worry about bumps, scrapes and the inevitable accidental drop.

The slots are perfectly placed and provide easy access for charging (including the Apple Pencil in the iPad lightening port), using the camera, flash, buttons and don’t impede the mic/speaker sound at all.

The stand is really the icing on the cake, it’s sturdy and secure, while being easy to operate. It provides two viewing positions, with a quick turn of the device, and I’ve never felt I needed more. The fact that the stand is always available, and is reliable, is such a massive benefit to the rest of the case. I also notice the inclusion of two small holes to let you hang it up - something I felt was the only thing missing before.

The texture is a bit less grippy than my previous version for the iPad Air, I like the change as it’ll be a bit easier to slip into my bag/luggage, but without being so slippery that it’s not securely in place.

Personally, I remove the screen protector and use a separate one to suit my preference but it pops off (permanently) quite easily.

I had a look around before I chose to get another Gumdrop case, I fancied trying something different for a change, but, after an extensive search, I realised there isn’t much variety of styles and functionality on the market for my needs.
I’m not a fan of folio style covers, they might look good closed but they just don’t function well as stands or for holding. Nor do they provide a suitable level of protection, while being a neat size and style.

I highly recommend this case.