SoftShell Apple MacBook Air 11 Case



SoftShell Apple MacBook Air 11 Case


Device Compatibility: Apple MacBook Air 11"


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Key Features

  • The only MacBook Air case offering true, 6 foot drop protection.
  • Dual layer shock absorbing bumpers protect vulnerable corners from impact and abuse.
  • Tough, yet lightweight and easily cleaned, fiberglass reinforced polyurethane skin for lasting protection from general wear-and-tear.
  • The unique rear bumper design provides flexible hinge protection and heat ventilation.

6 foot drop? No problem

Gumdrop's Softshell case for the Apple MacBook Air 11 is the first to provide always-on drop protection and capable of taking a 6' fall with out breaking a sweat. The SoftShell's unique design strategically employs a combination of rugged and high impact materials that have no problem protecting the fragile hinge and corners of the Apple MacBook Air 11 from the daily abuse they normally receive.

Always-on protection

Always-on protection

Zippered sleeves can get left behind. Clip-on shells pop off at the first hint of trouble and rarely offer any protection. SoftShell cases, on the other hand, are always on and provide real protection. Simply open the laptop, and shut it when you're done. Simple and effective.

Flexible hinge protection

A unique silicone rear hinge bumper design provides flexible protection and ventilation for heat dissipation.

Flexible hinge protection, Rugged construction

Installation Time

Normal Speed

Usually it takes around 1 minute 30 seconds for first-time installation.

Optimized Speed

At expert level, the total installation speed will be cut down to just 7 seconds.

Tough, yet lightweight

Tough, lightweight and easily cleaned, fiberglass reinforced polyurethane skin for long lasting protection from general wear-and-tear.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Well made, worth the money

This case is well worth the money, It is compact and looks nice.

Great Case!

I really love the case. It fits the computer perfectly and though I did not do a drop test it feels extremely rugged and I believe it will protect the computer. My only hesitation to buying a set for my students is the price is a little much on our schools tight budget to buy 30 at a time.

The best I've owned

This is the first quality MacAir case I have owned. I am thoroughly pleased with the quality and craftsmanship.