Cult of Mac – Beefy iPad Pro case is worth its weight in protection

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Lust List: DropTech protective case for Apple iPad Pro by Gumdrop

Review by Leander Kahney, courtesy Cult of Mac.

Apple charges a whopping $599 to repair a broken screen on an iPad Pro. With its 13-inch screen, yeah, the Pro has a lot of glass, but 600 bucks is nearly as much as it costs to buy a new one. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either.

So I’m grateful that my iPad Pro is safely ensconced in the equivalent of a big, rubbery safety blanket. Gumdrop’s DropTech Case looks like a flattened tractor tire, with big ridges on the back for maintaining a grip. It’s not elegant by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m confident it’ll save me a trip to the Genius Bar.

Gumdrop DropTech Case iPad Pro 02 2016

The DropTech for iPad Pro case is a dual-layer case made from a sandwich of silicone and hard plastic. The plastic provides a rigid backplate, and the silicone prevents an accidental drop from turning into a weekend-wrecking nightmare.

There’s plenty of extra padding at the corners. One corner has a pair of holes at right angles for parking your Apple Pencil. The front-facing hole acts like an inkwell for the Pencil when you’re working; or the Pencil can be stored inline when you’re carting it around. The double holder is a nice touch, and less obtrusive than other built-in Pencil holders I’ve seen.

I also like that the case is easy to snap on and remove. Just click it on and go. There are little cutout cowlings at each corner for funneling sound from the iPad’s four speakers. The case can be used with the Pro’s Smart Keyboard thanks to a clever cutout. When it’s attached, the keyboard provides protection for the screen.

Gumdrop’s DropTech Case is bulky, but I think it’s a good idea for the iPad Pro. The Pro is a working device — the kind of iPad that gets taken to job sites or the factory floor. The last thing you want to do is leave it in pieces on the shop floor.

The DropTech for iPad Pro is some inexpensive insurance for protecting your tablet from falls, bumps and bad luck.

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