From cutting-edge designs to groundbreaking technologies, this collection reflects the commitment to excellence and creativity that defines our team. Join us on a journey through the intellectual landscape that has shaped the future of protective solutions and EdTech cases.

Product/Feature Patents
BumpTech Non Flip Over US Patent No. USD850454S1
BumpTech Chromebook Case 2019 – Bottom Bumper US Patent No. USD841013S1
DropTech Tablet Case 2019 / Handle and non handle version US Patent No. USD837796S1
In-Cart HardShell (Slim Tech) D892806
Slidewall – Gumdrop Hideaway and DropTech Clear USD888063
SlimTech Laptop Case USD 902934
DropTech Flip Over Style Case US Patent No. D837796S1, D850454S1
FoamTech for Surface Go – Allow for integration on a kickstand US Patent No. 10372169B1
FoamTech for Surface Go US Patent No. D852201S1
Hideaway iPad Pro 11 US Patent No. D863314
DropTech Surface Pro US Patent No. D864210
DropTech Clamshell 2019 Design (No tread pattern) US Patent No. D863315S1
DropTech 2019 Design (No tread pattern) US Patent No. D863316S1

DropTech Rugged iPad 6th Case (Lockdown and Non-lockdown)

US Patent No. D841012S1

DropTech Chromebook Case 2019 (Bottom Bumper)

US Patent No. D841013S1

Droptech Headphone (Rugged Headphones)

US Patent No. D843970S1

Gumdrop Trademark – China 304388185

TechShell Authorized

US Patent No. 7,643,274, No. 7,907,400, No. 8,289,703, No. 8,638,555, No. 10,234,898