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Keeping devices safe in the K-12 environment requires certification you can trust. At Gumdrop, our products are TechShell certified, so schools can confidently choose the level of protection that’s right for their deployment and student population. See how TechShell Certified cases can help protect EdTech investments; from extreme protection from the biggest drops and falls to reliable protection against daily wear and tear.

Basic Certification
2 foot drops, 26 times

Basic certified cases are anything but! Cases that
carry this certification
go beyond mere accessories, protecting devices
from 2 foot drops.

3 foot drops, 26 times

Rugged Certification covers reliable drop protection, scratch resistance with minimal damage rates. Up to 5 test devices were used for the drop test at 3 feet for 26 times.

rugged Certification
4 foot drops, 26 times

Need extra durable protection?
Rugged Certified cases protect
against 4 foot drops, which can
be common from hands,
backpacks, and table tops.

Extreme Certification
6 foot drops, 26 times

Get maximum protection from Extreme Certified cases. These cases are drop tested from 6 feet and represent the gold-standard of protection innovation

What is TechShell Certification?

TechShell was created to bring consistency to the device protection industry and become
the standard for device drop protection. Cases that are TechShell Certified are
guaranteed to provide maximum protection and meet CA Prop 65 Testing Compliance.
All TechShell patented designs are subjected to extensive drop tests in different testing
facilities, guaranteeing durability for your device investments.

the techshell promise

When you need maximum protection, you need to know which standards were used to
evaluate cases, including:
Which testing methods were used?
Which parameters are claimed?
Were the tests done at an independent facility?
TechShell ensures all three, providing results you can trust. While many products claim
to meet “MIL-STD 810” standards, this is misleading because no commercial organization
or agency certifies compliance. TechShell Certification was created to address this need
and provide testing beyond standard mil-spec protection.

Image Image Image Image Milspec
Actual Test Report Yes Yes Yes Yes No
DropHeight 2 feet 3 feet 4 feet 6 feet No standard
Times Dropped 26 times 26 times 26 times 26 times 26 times
Testing Sample Used Up to 5 Up to 5 Up to 5 Up to 5 No standard

Designed for

Gumdrop certified cases are intelligently
designed and custom-fit molded to provide the
most reliable protection for devices used in
businesses and K-12 schools. Each case is
designed to protect against scratches, drops,
and regular wear and tear, keeping devices in
service and in great shape.

3 Levels of

TechShell Certifications ensure molded cases
and covers for all devices delivers proven drop
protection from basic to extreme environments.
TechShell standardized drop tests are performed
26 times, with up to five testing samples used.

Learn more about TechShell

If you are interested in learning more about TechShell certifications or technology, please visit the TechShell website.

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