Telmate chooses gumdrop cases as their premier partner.

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Telmate is a pioneer in inmate communications, providing custom tablets for use in correctional facilities. The tablets provide a secure way for inmates to participate in a number of activities geared toward rehabilitation, but the tablets need to be secured in order to do so.

In a high-stakes environment, though, the need for tablet safety increases dramatically, and when developing the tablets, Telmate was looking for a way to protect the cases, both inside and out. As they searched for an appropriate case for their Nexus 7-based tablet, the Telmate team was looking primarily for durability. After researching case options, they decided to use the Gumdrop case for rugged protection.

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“We were able to customize the tablets to provide maximum control on the inside,” commented JoAnn De Jesus, marketing communications manager at Telmate. “On the outside, we wanted it to be as durable as possible from usage and the environment. This isn’t exactly an environment where the tablets are always in place or tethered.”

DeJesus notes that the Gumdrop cases make the tablet just as secure on the outside as they are on the inside, and that the tablet is able to be moved around and used in correctional facilities with minimal concern.

“In the past few months, we’ve hardly heard of tampering with the technology,” DeJesus added. “It’s really been a durable product for us.”

With the Telmate tablet, inmates are able to participate in a number of enriching activities, including communicating with friends and family, taking part in educational programs and participating in counseling. Additionally, Telmate Tablets provide a way to reduce the time inmates spend moving between activities, a factor closely correlated to lower rates of violence in correctional facilities.

The ultimate goal of the tablet program is to give inmates the opportunity for self-improvement and prevent recidivism in the inmate population while keeping correctional facilities safe and secure.

“Inmates can either do unproductive things with their time, or they can do something productive — like staying in touch with friends and family, studying or learning skills that will help prepare them to re-enter society,” explained JoAnn De Jesus, marketing communications manager at Telmate. “By reducing the unproductive time, we’re also reducing the chance of violence with other inmates or staff members.”

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