Is a product replacement plan a good alternative to a case?

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We have started sharing stories each month about customer experiences with (or without) Gumdrop cases. These stories can take place at home, at work, at school; pretty much where you use tech in your life. Today we have a great story from Ryan G. in Walled Lake, Michigan and how his experience with a product replacement plan turned into a nightmare.

What’s his story?

Recently we bought a Samsung Chromebook for our daughter and within a month she had already cracked the screen! We had gotten a carrying case to protect the Chromebook but someone unzipped it at school without her realizing it, and it fell out in the hallway. We thought we had it covered with a product replacement plan we had purchased with the Chromebook, but the process of putting in our claim has been a nightmare.

My next solution is to replace the Chromebook and forego a product replacement plan due because of the painful and difficult claim process, and the amount of time lost in filing the claim and shipping the broken product before we even received a replacement Chromebook. Instead, I am now opting for a SoftShell Samsung Chromebook 3 case to replace the product replacement plan.

I see the Gumdrop case as an ideal alternative to a product replacement plan. The drop test videos you have on the website are a great way to see the cases in action before buying one! Thanks, I’m looking forward to the new Gumdrop case and her carrying case being the protection we need to ensure her device is safe for the next several years.

What’s your story? Feel free to send it to us so we can share with others!

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