Gumdrop GlassTech for iPhone 6+: rugged case w/glass screen protector!

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By Tech Reviewer

“The Gumdrop GlassTech is a grippy, rugged case for the 6 Plus, certified for 6 ft drops onto concrete, which features an excellent tempered glass screen protector. Many rugged iPhone cases suck the fun out of using an iPhone due to their unimpressive plastic screen protectors, but the nice quality tempered glass on the GlassTech is an absolute pleasure to use. Even better, as it is a case friendly tempered glass screen protector, it will work with many other cases—a real help to folks who like to have a more moderate case on their phone during the work week and then switch to something rugged for weekend sports activities.

Gumdrop GlassTech Rugged Case for iPhone 6 Plus Side view

Gumdrop GlassTech Rugged Case for iPhone 6 Plus Bottom Port View

Gumdrop GlassTech Rugged Case for iPhone 6 Plus Back View


  • Tempered glass screen protector!
  • 6 foot drop protection
  • Covered port openings are protected against sand, dirt and dust
  • TPE exterior gives an excellent grip, but doesn’t attract as much lint as silicone.
  • Ports openings and mute switch are securely covered with TPE plugs, but port openings are still big enough for many third party headphones and lightning cables
  • Heavy duty belt clip
  • Construction is rock solid—this feels like a very tough case


  • Somewhat weighty, due to all its heavy duty components. Not a slim case.

Overall, this is a really nice rugged case for the iPhone 6 Plus, and it is priced quite competitively at $49.95. It can be purchased directly from Gumdrop Cases and it is also available on

Finally, if you’d like more details, here is a link to my YouTube review: “

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