Glass Tech by Gumdrop Cases for iPhone 6SPlus Review

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By Jmona, on MacRumors

“The GlassTech Series from Gumdrop Cases is just amazing. They can throw this thing and NOTHING will happen to my phones. This is BY FAR THE HARDEST, roughest, most toughest rugged case I’ve ever had; and trust me when I say this. I’ve gone through hundreds of cases, I’ve tried them all. Not in vain I’m known as a Caseaholic whose gone through at least a thousand iPhone cases since its initial release. This case is tough, hard, protective, durable, and impressively strong. 
Granted the size, it may not be something you’d expect to see for many people go for the looks of what not, but nowadays I can’t afford to have a phone that isn’t protected with prices rising even when on top of added insurance. And there again; my boys. I wished I had this case for my last 9 phones which I’ve broken in the process of trailing the Rockies were hikes are long, climbs are steep and the terrain is rugged.

And the weather conditions? Don’t even get me started. Temps that can change drastically in a day and will most definitely affect your device.
 I’ve had an array of cases of every color, size and caliber and each and everyone of them had their good features as well as many flaws. Great designs but bad protection-wise.

So basically, good looks but no durability. Specially if you’re expecting for a case to last you years or a case proven to work specially in an environment tried and suffered much as I have done with my previous iPhone history.

In this video you can see Tim doing a Drop Tech test here on a laptop computer. WARNING, GRAPHIC VIDEO IN WHICH MANY DEVICES WERE HURT…BADLY!

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A case that meets the conditions outlined in the US Department of Defense for Cases and covers to be used during Military exercises (MILSTD- 810) but you don’t have to be a Mom, nor be in the Military to get one. They work for everyone and everyone should have one of these. Schools across the country have adopted Hard Candy and Gumdrop Cases for their resistance as well as in the Medical and Military Field, and on TV.



I’ve seen lots of these cases on several TV Series to attest for their quality. There are 2 types of cases in these series Drop Tech and Glass Tech, both which are compatible with the newest Apple iPhone 6s and 6S Plus as well as the previous models. Get it here Finally, all I’ve got left to say is, bring it on snow! I can not wait to go snowboarding and bring this tough guy with me as a back up… “

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