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New year, new products! Introducing the 2019 Gumdrop Product Assortment.

Check Out Our 2019 Catalog Now

Gumdrop Cases is dedicated to designing functional, ruggedly protective cases that can withstand the toughest environments. As soon as the newest device hardware hits the streets, Gumdrop Cases is ready, delivering protective device accessories that are designed to be tough enough to handle the unique challenges of the K-12 classroom environment. We offer cases for iPads, Chromebooks, MacBooks, tablets, and other top devices in education. And we cover all the most popular brands including, Apple, Dell HP, Lenovo, Acer ASUS, Samsung, and Microsoft.

Gumdrop is proud to announce the addition of new categories to our 2019 accessories lineup: keyboards, headphones and headsets!

Gumdrop rugged keyboards are designed for K-12, loaded with features like clear backs for asset tagging, charge cart compatibility, and a quick installation time of 10 seconds. They are built for use with iPads and feature a drop protection rating of 4 feet, exceeding military specifications (MILSPEC).

Gumdrop rugged headphones and headsets are designed for testing and assessment purposes and are the most rugged headphones on the market! Featuring non-break twistable headbands, durable ear pads that easily wipe clean, flexible Break-away tip adapters, and 5-foot long braded, chew-proof cords, Gumdrop Headphones are built to be kid-proof.

In addition to these new categories, Gumdrop continues to provide the rugged cases we’ve always been known for, designed for the latest tech. By maintaining strong relationships with device manufacturers, Gumdrop is uniquely able to offer cases for new devices as soon as they launch. Our cases are custom fitted to each device and designed for the classroom. We offer the best value and will work with schools to find a solution that fits your budget. We also offer payment terms and leasing options to spread out the cost of your cases if desired.

Are you ready to test out Gumdrop Cases? Fill out our sample request form and one of our reps will reach out to you to help find the perfect device accessories for your next deployment.

We look forward to working with you in 2019 to find the perfect accessories for your technology deployment!

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