Samsung S4 10.5” – Mobility and Power

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Samsung launched their new S4 10.5” tablet in August 2018, and it’s been making waves in the technology world. It’s built on the Android 8.1 (Oreo) operating system that brings efficiency and entertainment at your fingertips allowing you to have swipe between apps without lag time. The operating system provides access to Cloud integration to create a seamless experience across all Android devices. It’s also built with Octa-core processor which makes it power efficient, so you can rapidly multitask with smooth delivery. It’s 10.5″ screen with 2560 x 1600 resolution is ideal for Web browsing, studying, reading and streaming HD content. Dual HD cameras enable high quality photos and face-to-face chat (13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera with Bixby vision 2.0.). It has a USB-C connector so you can connect more accessories and share files. It also includes pressure-sensitive S Pen so you can edit photos, create detailed illustrations or send handwritten notes.

Gumdrop has designed a perfect case for your Samsung S4 10.5” tablet to make it damage-resistant in any scenario. Introducing the DropTech Samsung Tab S4 10.5″ Case! The case is designed with shock absorbing, co-molded TPU materials which protect against falls of up to 6 feet. The DropTech Series Case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 specifically conforms to the shape of the device with access to all ports and offers multi-layer protection, making it the toughest and most durable Galaxy Tab S4 cases on the market. It has reinforced rubber bumpers on the corners for added protection and a holder for the Samsung S-Pen.

The DropTech Samsung Tab S4 10.5” Case will be available to purchase starting in December 2018. Samples are available now, so be sure to request yours!

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