New MacBook Pro Case Available on Kickstarter

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Gumdrop Cases Announces Kickstarter Campaign for Revolutionary New MacBook Case

Walnut Creek, CA – 10/20/2016 – Just in time for Apple’s new MacBook announcement on October 27th, Gumdrop Cases has designed a new protective case for Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development and production of this new case. Funds will also go towards creating a case for the 13-inch MacBook Pro model being announced by Apple next week.

The revolutionary new DropTech case is designed to protect users’ MacBooks not just from the rigors of daily use, but from bumps and drops as well. Once a laptop has been dropped, it’s too late to try to protect it and may have already caused permanent damage to internal components. With the high cost of high-end computers like the MacBook, it is better to have protection from day one.

It is important to note that damage to the outside of a MacBook, even scratches simply from normal wear and tear, can often void the computer’s warranty. This means that the user will be responsible for the cost of repair or even full replacement (AppleCare will not cover repair costs if external damage is visible). For a computer that costs well over $1,000, repair or full replacement costs can quickly burn a hole in your wallet.

In developing its new DropTech cases, Gumdrop Cases engaged in extensive drop testing and found that drops of just one foot can cause enough damage that voids the Apple warranty. Gumdrop’s durable DropTech case features a 10mm silicone bumper that is designed to protect the MacBook from bumps, scratches and even disastrous drops. The silicone material absorbs the impact so that its effect is minimal by the time it reaches the computer.

Gumdrop Cases Kickstarter campaign has a funding goal of $10,000. At the time of this release, the campaign has generated over $1,300 from more than 35 backers. The campaign must achieve the full amount by November 11, 2016 to receive the funding.

As a thank you for their contributions, backers will be rewarded with a free case for donations of $20 or more. Backers have the choice of putting their pledge money towards a reward case for either the MacBook Air 13″, or the new MacBook Pro 13″ that is being announced by Apple on October 27th. Gumdrop Cases expects to ship its MacBook Air 13″ cases to backers beginning November 2016, while backers putting their pledge dollars towards the new MacBook Pro 13″ will receive their cases in January 2017.

About Gumdrop Cases
Gumdrop Cases designs and manufactures heavy-duty protective cases for smartphones, tablets and laptop computers. These cases are designed for busy, on-the-go people, offering more protection than most standard cases. Their cases cover a wide range of products from popular brands, including Apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Lenovo, HP, Asus and more.

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