Protecting School-issued Devices – The Gumdrop Way

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K-12 students using their devices, protected by Gumdrop casesWith the rise of technology and remote learning, the education system is transforming at a lightning-fast rate. Every student needs access at school and at home, so EdTech buyers face huge decisions as they drive accessibility, deployment and connectivity. Stretching technology offerings, protecting investments and optimizing lifetime value are more important than ever. That’s where Gumdrop comes in. For the last decade, we have developed and tested rugged protection for student devices.


With thousands of Google, Windows or Apple products on campus, finding a viable, supportable and adaptable technology strategy is key, as not all devices fit all school scenarios. Gumdrop partners with leading device manufacturers, like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer and ASUS, to anticipate the needs of customers and predict the likely tech winners each buying season. Armed with that insight, we build solutions early. The result? As soon as a school or district determines their technology direction, Gumdrop is ready to enable frictionless deployment with the right protection.


The decisions that district admins make on technology transform the young minds of all students, but everyone knows kids can be tough on tech. From knocking computers off the table to throwing a backpack on the floor after school, applying appropriate care and maintenance is not always their first priority. That’s why, with community dollars at risk, protecting the investment is simply smart. To meet this demand, we leverage a portfolio of over 70 patents, which ensures we can deliver products to market that attach firmly, are designed thoughtfully and are aligned with the hottest devices of the season from each hardware vendor.


Our flagship line, Gumdrop DropTech cases, have evolved with the market and now cover over 40 different models. DropTech provides superior shock absorption, drop protection and hard-core readiness for all learning activities, whether remote or in the classroom. We combine impeccable design with our unique, rugged material to achieve multi-layer defense. This dedication to quality results in the toughest and most durable cases available.

At Gumdrop, we strive to be a valuable partner to every district. Gumdrop was founded to develop protection that extends the useful life of student technology and provides exceptional drop protection at affordable prices.

From day one, we were built to protect and driven to deliver exceptional, trustworthy customer experiences. So, go ahead…Gumdrop IT!

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