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Protection designed for the school of hard knocks. The days of shattered devices are long gone. Today, there’s Gumdrop—military-grade protection for virtually any laptop or device. From the classroom to home, Gumdrop ensures a soft landing for all your hardware. At a small fraction of the replacement cost.


Tough enough for the rough and tumble of home and school.

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For professionals on the move, a case to survive the journey.

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Go ahead, Gumdrop IT! From the classroom to the emergency room, Gumdrop has you covered.


Find out what’s new. (Or otherwise undamaged.)


I have seen a student throw an iPad across the room in a fit of anger and with the Gumdrop case on, it was perfectly fine and working.

Leann Wondra Assistant of Technology Hutchinson Public School

We have [had] great success with our Gumdrop cases as they have weathered quite well and are [actually] out living the tablets. I would recommend the cases to anyone who needs something durable and [weather resistant].

Ben Wilkinsons Software Developer Archipelago

The toughest and most durable cases on the market.

We believe this [Gumdrop] might be the answer.

Jeson Messer Superintendent Manteca Unified School District