International Business Times Reviews: Apple iPad 5 Case Maker Still Confident In Specs, Despite Being Wrong About WWDC 2013 Release Date

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By International Business Times

“Tim Hickman, the CEO of Oakland, Calif.-based Gumdrop Cases, says he will not pull the recently released iPad 5 cases from his store, even though he had predicted the iPad 5 would be released at WWDC 2013 this week, which obviously didn’t happen.

“Gumdrop iPad 5 case debuting ahead of the Worldwide Developers Conference was a complete gamble, but we’ve been right four out of five times,” Hickman said in a statement to IBTimes. “Even though Apple didn’t announce the iPad 5, we are confident that the dimensions we have are correct.”

Gumdrop Cases’ one major miss happened in 2011, when it built a tall iPhone case expecting an iPhone 5 to be released, when Apple instead chose to release its 3.5-inch iPhone 4S, which had the same dimensions of its predecessor, the iPhone 4.

Gumdrop Cases is still adamant about the specs of the iPad 5, even if it’s unsure about the device’s eventual release date. The iPad 5 cases from Gumdrop Cases, including the $34.95 Gumdrop Bounceand the $59.99 Gumdrop Drop Tech Designer Series, are both designed around iPad 5 rumors, which predict a form factor that’s thinner and smaller than the fourth-generation iPad thanks to much thinner side bezels — like its little brother, the iPad mini.”

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