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Gumdrop Drop Tech cases across America in farming

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Precision Planting has been a loyal customer since 2011 of our Gumdrop Drop Tech cases for the iPad. They focus on the improvement of farming techniques with a process of spreading seeds. Apple iPads are used as an essential tool in this process.

Precision Planting utilizes the Gumdrop cases in tandem with their FieldView app for the iPad. FieldView allows a farmer to see real-time planter data as they go through the field and sync to the cloud for other farmers in the operation to see that data and monitor the operation. With the ruggedness of the cases, they are able to take their iPad with them from the tractor and use the device as a crop scouting tool throughout the season and then put it in the combine to monitor harvest operations in the fall.

Our ruggedized cases stand the test of time among all iPad Cases for ultimate protection for their field work. Over 3,000 pieces of the new iPad Air have been implemented for Precision Planting that are protected by our Drop Tech Case.

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