Manteca School District Implements Investment Protection For Panasonic Tablets With Gumdrop Cases

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Manteca Unified School District (MUSD) has made progressive steps towards creating digital curriculums. With newly implemented digital procedures comes the need for digital equipment for students. MUSD acquired 23,500 Panasonic 3E tablets in 2015 for student use. Over the course of the school year, 470 tablets were damaged.

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MUSD recognized the need to protect their educational investment. In order to protect the tablets from the wear and tear of elementary students, MUSD has purchased 5,000 Gumdrop Drop Tech Cases for the Panasonic 3E tablets.

Seventh and eighth grade students will be piloting the Gumdrop Drop Tech cases. “This was based on data,” Cheryl Meeker said, the district’s Senior Director of Elementary Education. “They’re the ones transferring (the device) to classes and jockeying in the hallway.”

At a school board meeting, Superintendent Jason Messer identified Gumdrop Drop Tech cases as “the toughest and most durable cases on the market.” Gumdrop’s Drop Tech cases feature superior shock absorption technology for the Panasonic 3E tablets.

Protecting the tablets is the primary objective of purchasing the Gumdrop Drop Tech cases. The Panasonic 3E Drop Tech case will keep the tablets safe from falls and rough backpack handling.

“We believe this [Gumdrop] might be the answer,” says Meeker. MUSD plans to implement the Gumdrop pilot program after Thanksgiving 2015.

Looking for a rugged and reliable protective case for your school? Reach out and let us know about your challenge.

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