Clean and Durable: GumDrop HideAway Tablet Cases Supports Mobile Migration for Physical Therapy Services

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Arim Shaverdian founded Lifespan Physical Therapy Services (LPTS) in 2008. This service is a premier provider of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy to homebound patients in Southern California. There are locations in San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties.

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Lifespan Physical Therapy Services serves a wide range of patients, from pediatrics to geriatrics. Their clinicians in the field leverage advanced technology to collect, maintain and update the patient’s electronic medical records for documentation, as well as compliance for cleanliness and sanitation requirements.

Always committed to providing genuine services by utilizing the latest technology, Lifespan decided to embrace the trend of mobility. In the hopes of increasing flexibility in clinicians’ working manner and freeing them from an overload of paperwork and large, heavy computer devices, LPTS shifted the corporate operations from laptop-base to tablet-base in 2015.

Within two months of the vast majority of the company having switched to mobile devices, Lifespan realized that the Samsung Galaxy 4 tablets that the employees were using needed a rugged, high-quality tablet case, that was also economical. The ideal case for them needed to be easy to clean and meet the high requirements of sanitation in the medical services business as well as be durable enough to endure the constant use and abuse.

Following research and recommendations from business colleagues, Armin Shaverdian, CEO of Lifespan Physical Therapy Services, elected to use GumDrop Cases.

HideawayGumdrop large

The GumDrop Hideaway Cases work perfectly in protecting the device from medical related issues, effectively increasing the durability of the tablet. These cases are also easy to clean, helping Lifespan clinicians to maintain sanitation for both patients and the devices.

There have been no complaints regarding the 100 cases in use and LPTS is planning to expand the usage to meet the increasing demand.

Looking for a rugged and reliable protective case for your business? Reach out and let us know about your challenge.

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