Gumdrop Cases Wins 2016 Award of Excellence for 2 Cases

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Tech & Learning magazine recently named 124 education technology products as winners in its prestigious 34-year-old recognition program.

Gumdrop Cases Awards

Honored software, hardware, network, App and Web products include innovative applications that break new ground as well as those that added significant enhancements to proven education tools. A panel of Tech & Learning advisors who tested hundreds of entries, chose the winners. Out of the 124 winners, Gumdrop Cases had two of its rugged cases selected: DropTech Microsoft Surface Pro 4, and the SoftShell Dell Chromebook 11.

“Once again this year, the Tech & Learning judges examined hundreds of entries to select those products that were deemed worthy of our 2016 Award of Excellence. This wasn’t just checking off spec sheets and surfing other people’s reviews. Each product was handled and scored individually. Not an easy task.” says Kevin Hogan, Editorial Director for NewBay Media’s Tech & Learning Group. “These companies can be proud that our team of judges granted them their seal of approval.”

The DropTech Microsoft Surface Pro 4 case offers dual-layer protection with an impact resistant outer silicone layer and structural inner frame. This provides a rugged, long term solution to keeping a device working even after repeated drops, bumps, scratches, light spills, and other accidents that often occur in a tough school environment. Gumdrop cases have been rigorously tested and can even survive repeated 6-foot falls on concrete or tile!

The SoftShell Dell Chromebook 11 case has been a popular entry into the education market this past year. The SoftShell case is the first to provide always-on drop protection and is capable of surviving repeated drops without getting damaged. The SoftShell’s unique design strategically employs a combination of rugged and high impact materials (silicone and fiberglass) that have no problem protecting the casing, and the vulnerable hinge and corners of the Dell Chromebook 11 from the daily abuse it normally receives.

The DropTech Surface Pro 4 case is available in three colors on the Gumdrop Cases website for only $69.95 each. The SoftShell Dell Chromebook 11 case is available in black for only $49.95.

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