2,000 Dell Chromebook Cases to Whiteland Community High School

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Whiteland Community High School Selects Gumdrop to Protect 2,000 Dell Chromebooks

November 1, 2016 – Walnut Creek, California based Gumdrop Cases was recently chosen to protect 2,000 new Dell Chromebook 11 devices at Whiteland Community High School in Indiana. The high school implemented a new 1:1 technology plan beginning 2016-2017 where each student is issued a Chromebook they use during the school year, and then return when the school year ends.

Chromebooks and other devices are becoming incredibly popular in schools, and demand for protection of hardware assets continues to grow at the same pace as this technological rollout.

Ten key reasons Whiteland Community High School is embracing the shift to Chromebooks:

  1. Maximizes instructional time
  2. Improves efficiency/organization for students and teachers
  3. Allows for more self-directed, self-paced learning
  4. Breathes new life and creativity into the curriculum
  5. Developed 21st century technology skills
  6. Allows for faster and more meaningful feedback
  7. Increases student accountability through data tracking
  8. Involves “reluctant learners” or even shy students
  9. Improves teacher-student communication
  10. Blends new technological focus with traditional, tried-and-true methods of teaching

Gumdrop’s Softshell Chromebook case just rolled out this year to keep the school’s hardware from being damaged by drops, bumps, backpack abuse, scratches and other punishment inflicted by its student body. The SoftShell case is the first to provide always-on drop protection and is capable of taking repeated 6-foot falls without breaking a sweat. The SoftShell’s unique design strategically employs a combination of rugged and high impact materials that have no problem protecting the vulnerable hinge and corners of the Dell Chromebook 11 from the daily abuse it normally receives.


  • Flexible hinge protection – A unique silicone rear hinge bumper design provides flexible protection and ventilation for heat dissipation.
  • Rugged construction – The primary shock absorbing, silicone over-molded, outer bumpers are wrapped round a stiff poly-carbonate frame protecting the vulnerable and always-in-use corners from impact and abuse.
  • Tough, yet lightweight – Tough, lightweight and easily cleaned, fiberglass reinforced polyurethane skin for long lasting protection from general wear-and-tear.

The black Dell Chromebook 11 case is available on the Gumdrop Cases website for only $49.95.

Looking for answers on how to protect devices in a school or business environment? Contact a Gumdrop Cases education representative: edu@www.gumdropcases.com or (925) 263-4332.

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