• When technology facilitates learning at Hutchinson Public Schools

When technology facilitates learning at Hutchinson Public Schools

Hutchinson Public School District

Hutchinson Public Schools is a Public School District located in the heart of Kansas that boast eight elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. With over 4,000 kids in the district, Hutchinson Public Schools believe in the core values that relationships are essential for student success, all students learn, a culture of high expectations is critical, and a meaningful and challenging curriculum is vital.

Hutchinson Public School decided couple years ago to start integrating technology into their schools and curriculum by providing iPads for their therapy staff and speech pathologist. By using motor skill apps with their students, therapist were able try new methods and reach new goals with their children.  The district found that students were more engaged and greatly enjoyed working with digital formats rather than just pencil and paper.

The mobile devices considerably improved the learning experience for students as Hutchinson introduced iPads into the classroom for students and teachers to use. The District found that iPads were the least inexpensive, compared to other tech devices; portable and easiest to use for teachers and students. iPad apps offer a wide variety of different educational games, tests, videos and more and are much cheaper than most education programs and software and are constantly being updated.

However, working with little kids who don’t always have full control of their movement or anger, drool, have skin conditions or don’t have strong hand strength, Hutchinson needed cases that would withstand anything and work in every type of classroom. The district tried several cases including Otter Box, but the screen protectors and extra rubber features couldn’t withstand the kids roughness and carelessness. They finally tried out GumDrop tech cases and were more than impressed.

“If someone used a GumDrop case they have to be happy about it,” stated Assistant of Technology for Hutchinson Public School District Leann Wondra. “I have seen a student throw an iPad across the room in a fit of anger and with the GumDrop case on it was perfectly fine and working,” Wondra added.

The grip on the GumDrop cases work perfectly for kids who don’t have strong hand strength; the screen protectors work against spills, nose picking and disinfectant spray; and the shock absorbing features can withstand any drop or throw. The students love the variety of bright colors of the cases and it helps them identify which iPads are for which students, in turn giving them some idependence.

“Our last order of cases was exclusively GumDrop,” states Wondra who highly recommends the cases. “We haven’t had to replace any of GumDrop cases or any of the iPads in the GumDrop cases saving the district thousands of dollars,” she added.