What’s your story? I broke an iPad Mini

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We are going to start sharing stories each month about our customers experience with (or without) Gumdrop cases. These stories can take place at home, at work, at school; pretty much where you use tech in your life. To start this off, I’ll share an experience that happened with me at home…

What’s my story?

I have 3 kids, and they started playing with our iPad mini recently. Kids being kids, one of them decided to take it outside to play with a friend. Then the iPad got dropped on the driveway and the screen shattered. No, we did not have a case on it.

I didn’t replace the screen right away, but after someone got a glass splinter I figured it was time to take it in to get fixed. I spent $89 plus tax to get a new screen from a repair place (not Apple), and walked away happy that it looked and worked great again! Until a week later.

The drop must have damaged the battery or something else internally because when I tried to charge it two days later it maxed out at 11%. The following day it wouldn’t charge above 9%. The next day it was 7%. And so on, until it died completely a few days later. Bummer.

So, I took it to Apple thinking I could just spend another $100 or so to replace the battery and move on with my life. Not to be. Apple told me they have no way of opening the iPad to repair it, so they could only sell me a new one. What?!?

Needless to say, I spent another $299 plus tax for a new iPad mini 2, put a Gumdrop case on it, and gave it to my kids.

Wish I had that Gumdrop case to begin with.

What’s your story? Feel free to send it to us so we can share with others!

Submitted by Jason Hogrefe

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