Gadgetwise Reviews: An iPad 5 Case Hints at Design Changes

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By Gadgetwise

“Shortly before the iPhone 5 was announced, the first case for that phone arrived at my desk. It was made by Gumdrop.

Not resting on its laurels, Gumdrop is even further out front this time, releasing covers for the iPad 5, a device that is not expected to be unveiled before this week, although some predict it will be much later than that.

The new case provides some clues about the design of the new iPad. If the size of the case is correct, the new pad will be thinner and narrower. Information tracked by MacRumors places the dimensions at 15 percent thinner and up to 33 percent lighter than the current iPad.

Gumdrop has posted a 360-degree view comparing the new and old iPads inside its cases, which also shows the new iPad to be narrower. The ports for buttons and cameras all appear to be in the same places as current models.

How does Gumdrop know what size the new iPad will be? As I had written previously, the Gumdrop covers, like the Apple products, are made in Shenzhen, China. Manufacturers there swap information, which has been described as a communal strategy to attract companies to employ Shenzhen manufacturers.

So far Gumdrop’s batting average is .500, having bet incorrectly once on the date of the iPhone 5 introduction and design, before getting the launch and design right nearly a year later.

If you are of a mind to take a gamble, Gumdrop is offering three case designs for the iPad 5: the Drop Tech series, the Drop Tech Designer series, and the Bounce cover. They range in price from $35 to $60.”

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