Gumdrop Featured Among The Best iPad Cases for Kids

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Gumdrop cases are known for offering the best iPad cases for kids. Designed for use in schools, our cases are custom molded, reliable and simple to install. That’s why Fractus Learning named The Gumdrop Hideaway as the best overall iPad case for kids.

They describe the Gumdrop Hideaway case as “The editor’s choice for the best iPad cases for kids is the GumDrop Hideaway Case series because of its exceptional protection features, built-in stand, and unique iPad cases for different iPad models. The kid-friendly rigid internal frame of the iPad case will keep the iPad, including the screen and port covers, safe even with multiple drops.”

Fractus recommends the Hideaway for: Durability, Impact Resistant, Young Kids, School.

View all of our Hideaway cases.

Why Gumdrop Offers the Best Kids iPad Cases in the World

Gumdrop offers a variety of cases for iPads and other devices. They’re perfect for kids because they offer:

  • Drop-tested to exceed military drop-test standards for maximum protection. Don’t worry about kids taking their iPads on the bus or around school.
  • Reinforced corners protect the most commonly bumped and dinged area of the iPad.
  • Simple installation and asset tagging to help Tech Directors and teams.
  • Protective screen overlays to prevent liquids, dust and dirt from damaging iPads.

Key Considerations for Schools and Parents Choosing an iPad Case

What should you consider before purchasing an iPad case for your student? We’ve been in the business of protecting iPad devices for more than 20 years. Here are our top considerations:

  • iPad Stand: Look for a case with a stand to prop up the iPad while the students use it.
  • Full Protection: An iPad case for kids should fully encase the iPad device.
  • Screen Protector: A screen protector is a must when kids of any age use iPads.
  • Drop Testing: Kids are going to drop their devices. Consider drop-test ratings when purchasing an iPad case for students.

Looking for more expert tips? Review our 10 things to consider before buying a protective case.

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