Using Gumdrop Hideaway Cases To Manage The World’s Oceans and Fisheries With Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Tablets

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Archipelago Marine Research is the premier provider of marine resource management products and services. Archipelago assists commercial fisheries, industry regulators, and coastal communities to manage shared ocean resources. Providing these services to seaside communities around the world, Archipelago’s capabilities include observer services (at-sea and dockside) and monitoring of equipment and programs. The organization also assists with marine sciences and environmental cleanups. Archipelago’s efforts contribute to efficient and sustainable practices for the earth’s

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Archipelago’s commitment to innovation led the organization to transition to digital monitoring in 2013 when they purchased Samsung Galaxy Tablets to use for weighing, recording and tagging fish.

Due to the nature of the work, the equipment became covered in fish scales and slime. Archipelago soon recognized that their tablets required a protective case. One that could withstand the rigors of the job: slime, fish scales, and water and drop damage.

Following market research, due diligence and trial, Ben Wilkinson, a Software Developer at Archipelago overseeing the project, selected Gumdrop Cases.

“The rugged design, easy-grip rubber pattern and integrated screen protectors of the Gumdrop [Hideaway] cases were perfect for the inhospitable conditions of the fishery docks,” recalls Wilkinson. “The environment is not easy on tech.”

Archipelago now save time and money with Gumdrop-protected Samsung Tabs. Using the Hideaway Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10” tablets, Archipelago is now able to extract facts and data points from reports efficiently, while simultaneously reducing data entry redundancy, calculation errors and mis-entries. These efficiencies are credited to the ease of digital data entry, and the rugged Gumdrop cases.

After success with their dockside tablets and Gumdrop cases, Archipelago acquired Samsung tablets for observers on fishing vessels. The challenging sea conditions in which vessels operate were a hindrance to pen and paper recording. High winds, waves and spray, and choppy seas produced illegible documents. The observers preferred digital recording formats. With durable, easy-to-grip Hideaway Gumdrop Cases protecting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4s, observers are able to keep track of their findings with ease.

“We have [had] great success with our Gumdrop cases as they have weathered quite well and are [actually] out living the tablets,” states Ben Wilkinson, the Software Developer. “I would recommend the cases to anyone who needs something durable and [weather resistant],” he adds.

Today Archipelago uses over 80 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Tablets for both their at-sea and dockside teams. The Hideaway Cases enable the Archipelago teams to work more efficiently and continue to save shared ocean resources and habitats.

Looking for a rugged and reliable protective case for your business? Reach out and let us know about your challenge.

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