How Restaurant Technology, Inc. Uses A Gumdrop DropTech Clad iPhone 6 Plus To Reduce Fast Food’s Carbon Footprint

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Restaurant Technologies, Inc. (RTI) has been in the foodservice industry for more than 15 years. They work with foodservice organizations of all types and sizes to improve food quality & consistency, operational efficiency, safety & cleanliness, sustainability and automated delivery. More than 22,000 food service locations such as McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, and more rely on RTI. Each use RTI’s oil management solution to decrease the costs, hazards and the inconvenience of handling frying oil.

RTI driver Glen Stubbe Star Tribune 2010 large

Image Source: Star Tribune, Photo Credit to Glen Stubbe ©2010

Each RTI delivery driver is equipped with an iPhone 6 Plus and a custom app that creates routes using analytics from oil dispensary systems. These analytics allow for more efficient delivery schedules.

Mobile technology is a major player in the efficient and sustainable structure at RTI. RTI drivers work with sticky oil and in a variety of conditions not well suited for a product like the iPhone. RTI needed durable cases that would provide protection from harsh conditions and rough usage. After testing over a dozen phone cases for durability, endurance, and adaptability, RTI decided on the Gumdrop cases DropTech for iPhone6+.

RTI needed cases that would withstand the hot temperatures of Arizona and the cold winters of Minnesota for it’s over 300 iPhones. The Gumdrop DropTech case for iPhone6+ combines innovation and functional design with maximum protection. The superior screen and port protection, shock absorption and drop protection let RTI continue an efficient delivery schedule without worrying about their devices surviving.

Chris Nelson, prior manager of IT and Infrastructure Operations at RTI states, “We love the protection. We just put in another order and are looking into using them for a new project we have in the works.”

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