What we know about Apple’s new iPad

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Just a quick note about Apple’s iPad announcement on Tuesday, in case you are wondering what it means to you.

New Apple iPad 9.7-inch

Apple’s announcement takes aim at schools and businesses with a cheaper and more powerful technology option. And that’s where the difference between this new iPad and the last iPad Air 2 model pretty much stops. That’s right, Apple lopped off their iPad Air line and now only have the iPad Mini 4, iPad, and iPad Pro (9.7 and 12.9) in their tablet lineup.

The $329 entry price is by far the biggest standout, and should make the cost of large deployments an easier pill to swallow, especially if Apple offers education pricing that knocks this below $300. The A9 chip boosts the processing power and makes the new iPad quicker to work with. Unfortunately, it’s not as light or trim as the iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro, but the difference is negligible.

Almost everything else is the same as the last iPad Air 2 model:

iPad comparison

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