Can an iPad survive a high speed freeway accident?

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We love sharing stories about customer experiences with (or without) Gumdrop cases. These stories can take place at home, at work, at school; pretty much wherever you use tech in your life. Today we have an amazing story from Tim B. and how his experience with one of our Hideaway iPad Air cases saved him from a crazy accident!

What’s his story?

I was with my daughter and granddaughter at a local electronics store looking for a new TV for her. I had my Apple iPad Air with the Hideaway case on it to do research on what we were looking for.

We were leaving the store, and I had my tablet in one hand, granddaughter in the other. I set the iPad on the top of the car to put her in her car seat, got in, and we took off, not thinking about the iPad.

We hit the main road, and took off. We hit about 40-45 MPH when I heard a noise from the roof of the car. Then it hit me. It’s my iPad. I looked back, and it was BOUNCING down the road, all over the place, and came to a stop.

My daughter stopped the car, and ran out to retrieve it. I feared the worst. I had just gotten the iPad and was sickened to think that it was destroyed. I see her pick it up and run back to the car laughing. My heart sunk just a little bit more.

She got in and said “Oh my gosh, nothing is wrong with it!” and handed it to me. I turned it on and WOW, no cracks in the screen. Nothing. Even the case had no real damage at all. One corner had a little scuff on it. I could not believe it. We were ordering these for work iPads (I was in IT doing the purchasing for the company) when I came across your cases, which were much cheaper than Otterbox, so we decided to give you all a try and everyone loved them. Especially the Hideaway Case. I am SO glad that I bought one for myself.

Heavy duty iPad Air case with almost no damage after falling off a car on the freeway

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