Gumdrop cases’ Drop Series iPad 2 case enhances fire department readiness in battling midwest tornadoes

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DANVILLE, Calif.–Drop Series iPad 2 Case enhances Fire Department readiness in battling Midwest Tornadoes. First responders to natural disasters often need the most up-to-date computers and devices to save lives and property during emergencies, but not all equipment is meant to withstand the elements. Apple’s iPad 2 is a powerful device that allows first responders to pull up maps, street views and even translate instructions in different languages, but the iPad 2 wasn’t built for harsh conditions. Enter the Drop Series iPad 2 Case by Gumdrop Cases. The newest product in Gumdrop’s line of ultra-ruggedized cases provides multiple barriers of protection, starting with a rubber exterior cushioning a form-fitting polycarbonate frame, and featuring a replaceable snap-in screen cover that allows use of the touch screen shield without exposing the iPad to harsh environments.

Recently, the Drop series iPad 2 Case protected the iPads used by the Midwest City Fire Department while it tracked tornadoes in the Oklahoma City area on May 24, 2011. Just days after the well-publicized Joplin tornado, the Midwest City Fire Department navigated the storm’s aftermath and followed the turbulence of subsequent tornadoes with their iPads protected by the Drop Series Case. The Drop Series was essential in allowing the Fire Department to utilize the iPad without risking damage in harsh conditions. At just the fraction of the price of a ruggedized mobile computer, which can run upwards of $3,000, iPad consumers can buy reliable, durable barrier of protection without sacrificing the iPad’s versatility and lightweight mobility.

Here is a quote from David Richardson who is the programs manager for the Midwest City Fire Department on using the Drop Series iPad 2 Cases: “As the threat of three tornados approached the Oklahoma City Metro area, Midwest City’s Fire Chief Randy Olsen kept a vigil watch on the paths and predictions of impending weather. When this picture was taken multiple deaths had already been reported as super cells moved into metro Oklahoma City. The iPad 2 was used to keep a constant “portable” picture of the storm path. One was being used to track the last 3 hours and the other was being used to track the predicted next 4 hours. In the hustle and bustle of the situation room we were glad to have the GumDrop series cases on the iPad 2. The silicone outer shell allowed us to keep them propped up against different irregular surfaces throughout the evening. Also, having the GumDrop protection on the iPad 2 allowed us to worry about more important things as opposed to being careful with our delicate iPad 2s.”

Gumdrop Cases is working with many public sector organizations from fire, safety, and medical to help the better utilize the power of the iPad in these rugged conditions. All these demanding environments are busy and chaotic. Protection needs to be substantial, simple to use, and always available. Gumdrops unique snap in screen cover features a substantial touch sensitive polycarbonate shield, which keeps the iPad protected when it’s out and in use.

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