ECF Funding Ending Soon

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The Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) is a program that will help schools and districts with the costs of purchasing protective cases for their Chromebooks and laptops. The ECF provides up to $250 per device, which covers the cost of protective cases from brands such as Gumdrop. 

This is a great investment for schools because it can save them money down the road—and it ensures that students are protected against damage in case something does happen. 

The ECF pays for protective cases in two ways: 

1) Schools and libraries can submit an application to receive up to $200 per case. The case must be purchased within six months of applying for reimbursement. 

2) Schools and libraries can apply for an advance payment of up to $100 per case if they have already purchased the case but have not yet received reimbursement. This allows schools and libraries to buy up to 100 cases at one time before receiving reimbursement, which may take several weeks or months after submitting an application. 

The ECF is available to K-12 schools and districts in the US that have a valid purchase order from Google or one of its approved partners.  

You can apply online on the ECF website.

Make the most of your ECF dollars with the purchase of devices and protective cases. Protect your investment long after EFCF funding ends. Rest assured you’re using your funds wisely that promote the best in classroom and remote learning. 

The Gumdrop always-on, premium Chromebook protection is perfect for your back-to-school, distance learning, or workplace needs. We’re here every step of the way to make sure your device protection needs are met. Interested in trying Gumdrop? Click here to request a free sample or quote!

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